George Lazaridis

Award - Winning Composer

George Lazaridis was born on September 10, 1993 in Xanthi where he lives today. He is a Greek Composer/Arranger/Music Producer and specializes in composition for cinema, theater as well as other arts that are combined with music.

He is a graduate of the Music School of Xanthi. In addition, he holds degrees in Harmony, Counterpoint, Fugue and Composition while simultaneously studying at the Ionian University University in the Department of Music Studies Composition for Film (2012-2017).

In 2019-2020 he completed his Masters in Composition for Cinema and performing arts at the Ionian University. In October 2017, two of his projects (Time for Battle & Memories), while a year later (December 2018) his composition stood out at the International “Sacrarium” Composition Competition held in the Ukrainian city of L’viv and premiered by the L’viv Philharmonia Symphony Orchestra winning the third place (The Passage of the Gate & Requiem).

He has written several works for short and feature films in Greece, USA and the United Kingdom. The most important collaboration in 2020 is his collaboration with Annex of Hollywood in the context of the completion of the Soundtracks of the film “Idyll – The Love Market”, as well as his collaboration with a Los Angeles public institution for its completion of musical investment in America’s pandemic-themed video spot. 2020-2021 he completes the Soundtracks of the movie “The Avenger of the Past” by Iskan Selim from Xanthi and immediately starts composing the Soundtracks of the movie “Chicken Soup” based in Xanthi.

This particular movie has so far received 4 Awards in Greece and abroad as one of them is the First Prize Best Music Composition at the Tokyo-based Competition.

Finally, within one year (2020-2021) he released three personal records which premiered on Costa Rica-based radio station Soundrackradio and in Spain. His works are still on display abroad until today.

Today he lives and works in his hometown of Xanthi as a teacher of Music Composition/Orchestration & Music Production, while at the same time he has been offered a collaboration by a well-known company in America, Atlanta Scoring International which collaborates with Hollywood and Music Supervisors of the scene where they provide the whole package of music composition and sound design for Hollywood films.

Finally, he has accepted a proposal from a University in Japan to carry out one Masterclass series on music composition and orchestration.

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